Cooking ideas for children

Healthy and very easy recipes for kids. Here you will find ideas what to cook for children with step by step description. It always matter what kids meal consist, how it was cooked and finally does it tasty?  Please leave your comments or questions.


Healthy food for kids

What to cook for children? It might be healthy, quick and very easy meal. And the main question it should be eaten by your child.

Here are healthy snacks ideas for kids. Look how simple and fun it is.

healthy food for kid

Let’s create small culinary pictures right in their plate. Your kids will eat these masterpieces with pleasure. Make edible sun, lion, seal, caterpillar, butterfly, bicycle and even a snail of tangerines and oranges. Healthy food increases children’s IQ. Lisa Smithers investigated the relationship between the diet of six-month-old children, children aged 15 months and 2 years with their IQs at the age of 8 years. The study involved 7,000 children. The study showed that children who ate healthy foods (vegetables, fruits, cheese, beans) at 15 and 24 months had IQs 2 points higher up to 8 years. So properly balanced diet is, on the contrary, a positive effect on intellectual development.

healthy food for kids

Cooking with children boost spirits not only for kids, but for adults.

healthy food for kids

healthy food for kids

Since childhood, we can teach their children, from the variety of products, choose the ones that are really good for your health.

healthy food for kids

healthy food for kids


Chicken croquettes with cheese

One of the variants of croquettes with
cheese and chicken.
You can cook as a separate dish or serve
with potatoes or rice.

Chicken breast — 1 pc.
Onion — 2 pcs.
Flour — 5 tbsp
Cream — 150 ml
Chicken broth — 100 ml
Turmeric — 0,5 tsp
Black pepper — 0,5 tsp
Cheese — 60 g
Egg for breading — 1 pc.
Flour for breading — 50 g
Breadcrumbs with breadcrumbs — 90 g
Vegetable oil for roasting

Step 1
Boil chicken breast in salted water. Do not
pour out chicken broth, it will come in handy.

Cut onion and fry it in vegetable oil until it
become transparent.

Step 2
Add the cooked and chopped chicken and
flour to the onions. Cook for 5 minutes,
stirring often. Pour in cream, chicken broth,
spices, salt

Step 3
Cook until the béchamel becomes thick.

Step 4
Remove the frying pan from the heat, add
grated cheese.

Step 5
When the meat-cheese mass cools down
and the cheese melts to form several
croquettes of cylindrical shape. Each of them
roll in a whipped egg, flour and
breadcrumbs. Fry until golden.

Step 6
You can serve with salad, rice or potatoes.
Try other flavours, such as salmon, dill and


Trout with oranges

A very simple way of baking red fish, in which the fish turns out fragrant, tender and less greasy.
For baking, you can take any red fish of the salmon family: salmon, trout, pink salmon.

Trout (or salmon) 800 g
Orange3 pcs.
Lemon1 pcs.
Olive oil 1 tbsp.
Salt sea1,5 tsp.
Sugar 1.5 tbsp

Step 1

Trout wash, clean. If you do not have ready steaks, then cut into portions.
Step 2
In the form for baking stele a piece of foil so that the edges hang. We spread trout.
Step 3
Oranges are cleaned (peel is not needed) and cut into slices.
Step 4

With the lemon cut the zest, finely chopped or three.
Step 5
The lemon itself is also cut into pieces.6
Step 6
In the bowl we add orange, lemon, zedra7
Step 7
Add sea salt, sugar.
Step 8

And olive oil 9
Step 9
Step 10
And we lay out on top of the fish, gently leveling.11
Step 11
Cover with a second piece of foil and close tightly around the edges.12
Step 12
We put in the oven preheated to 220 C for 20-25 minutes.13
Step 13
Trout with oranges is ready! On the garnish you can cook rice (white, brown or wild) or young boiled