Simple walnut cookies

Simple walnut cookies

Simple nut cookies

Walnuts do not compete! Irresistible sweet delicacy that looks good too. If you still have nuts, definitely try this very simple walnut cookies.



300 g ground walnuts
300 g of sugar
1 egg
1 piece of yolk
2 tablespoons of cocoa
1 piece of white
4 lying cemented sugar
1 lie soft black
1 pound chicotron juice
nuts for decoration


Preparation process

  1. Cook walnuts, sugar, eggs, cocoa and yolks in a homogeneous mass, from which we separate smaller pieces and create balls of walnut size.
  2. Store them on a paper-bent baking sheet and gently press them to make space for the cream.
  3. Mix the egg white white with the flour sugar and lemon juice into the foam, add the flour and mix with the spoon. Put the cream into a confectionery bag and lay on each ball.
  4. Put the prepared knobs in a preheated oven and dry for approximately one hour (depending on size) at 60 degrees.
  5. Decorate the top half of the nut (if you do not have it, cut the nuts, it also looks great).

Walnut cookies are ready! Enjoy!

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